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A Typical Week in Nursery

Glasshoughton Infant Academy Nursery is a safe, happy and caring educational environment where all children develop their capabilities and achieve their full potential as successful learners. Children become confident, independent and resilient individuals, making positive and effective contributions to society.

Nursery is the beginning of a child’s journey through school and our curriculum which is progressive in skill and knowledge, has been carefully designed to enable all children to learn, develop and grow through play. The indoor and outdoor learning environment is exciting, engaging and challenging, and allows children to explore, investigate, safely take risks and solve problems throughout the seven areas of learning. All adults strive to engage children in the highest quality teaching in order to maximise success for all, and prepare children for the next phase of their education.

In a typical nursery session, children will communicate effectively with adults and their peers. They will express their needs, ideas and opinions and ask questions to deepen their knowledge. They will develop their social skills, learning to be patient, take turns and share fairly. Through positive, caring relationships based on trust and mutual respect they will learn to self-regulate their feelings and develop empathy. PSED and listening, understanding and communicating are at the heart of all that we do. Your child will develop their physical skills, balancing and climbing for example, and becoming an expert in holding a pencil correctly and using one handed tools safely with good control.

Children will enjoy daily phonics ‘Learning to Read’ sessions and master a deep understanding of number, pattern, shape and measures as part of their daily maths learning. Children will have daily opportunity to be imaginative and express themselves creatively through the arts and story-telling. They will learn about the world, the past and use technology as a tool to explore, research and investigate.

At Glasshoughton Infant Academy Nursery we strive to make learning irresistible.

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If you would like to apply for a place at Glasshoughton Infant Academy please complete the Admissions form and return to school.