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​​​​​​Covid-19 Information​​​

Home Learning EYFS

Week 1 EYFS Worksheet.pdf
Week 2 EYFS Worksheet.pdf
Week 3 EYFS Worksheet.pdf
Week 4 EYFS Worksheet.pdf
Week 5 EYFS Worksheet.pdf
Week 6 EYFS Worksheet.pdf
Week 7 EYFS Worksheet.pdf
Week 8 EYFS Worksheet.pdf
Week 9 EYFS Worksheet.pdf
Week 10 EYFS Worksheet.pdf
Week 11 EYFS Worksheet.pdf
Week 12 EYFS Worksheet.pdf
Week 13 EYFS Worksheet.pdf


Home Learning Key Stage 1

KS1 Timetable Week 1.pdf
KS1 Timetable Week 2.pdf
KS1 Timetable Week 3.pdf
KS1 Timetable Week 4.pdf
KS1 Timetable Week 5.pdf
KS1 Timetable Week 6.pdf
KS1 Timetable Week 7.pdf
KS1 Timetable Week 8.pdf
KS1 Timetable Week 9.pdf
KS1 Timetable Week 10.pdf
KS1 Timetable Week 11.pdf
KS1 Timetable Week 12.pdf
KS1 Timetable Week 13.pdf
KS1 Transition Ideas.pdf

Year 1 Wk 1 Spellings.pdf
Year 1 Wk 2 Spellings.pdf
Year 1 Wk 3 Spellings.pdf
Year 1 Wk 4 Spellings.pdf
Year 1 Wk 5 Spellings.pdf
Year 1 Wk 6 Spellings.pdf
Year 1 Wk 7 Spellings.pdf
Year 1 Wk 8 Spellings.pdf
Year 1 Wk 9 Spellings.pdf
Year 1 Wk 10 Spellings.pdf
Year 1 Wk 11 Spellings.pdf
Year 1 Wk 12 Spellings.pdf
Year 1 Wk 13 Spellings.pdf

Year 2 Wk 1 Spellings.pdf
Year 2 Wk 2 Spellings.pdf
Year 2 Wk 3 Spellings.pdf
Year 2 Wk 4 Spellings.pdf
Year 2 Wk 5 Spellings.pdf
Year 2 Wk 6 Spellings.pdf
Year 2 Wk 7 Spellings.pdf
Year 2 Wk 8 Spellings.pdf
Year 2 Wk 9 Spellings.pdf
Year 2 Wk 10 Spellings.pdf
Year 2 Wk 11 Spellings.pdf
Year 2 Wk 12 Spellings.pdf
Year 2 Wk 13 Spellings.pdf


September Opening Letter.pdf
September parental agreement form.pdf
Year 2 leavers picnic reminder.pdf
Breakfast and After School Club 06.07.20.pdf
Parental Update 01.07.2020.pdf
Year 2 Leaver's Letter.pdf
Year 2 Leaver​'s Invitation.pdf
Letter to Reception, Year 1 and Nursery Parents - 17.06.2020.pdf
Letter to Year 2 Parents -17.06.2020.pdf
Nursery Letter to Parents 12.06.2020.pdf
Letter to Parents. 04.06.2020.pdf
Letter to parents. 22.05.2020.pdf
Poetry Letter 13.05.2020.pdf
Newsletter 27.04.2020.pdf
Lockdown Phonics Lessons Letter 22.04.2020.pdf
Newsletter 17.04.2020.pdf
Newsletter 06.04.2020.pdf
Easter Egg Showcase 31.03.2020.pdf
Critical Worker Letter 20.03.2020.pdf
School App Instructions Letter 19.03.2020.pdf
Work Letter 17.03.2020.pdf
Coronavirus Letter 12.03.2020.pdf
Those identifying as Key Workers Letter.pdf

Helpful Links

Please click on a link below for more information.​


Guidance for schools

Guide to parents



How to treat Coronavirus symptoms at home

Guidance if there are symptoms in the home​

Clinically Vulnerable and Clinically Extremely Vulnerable​​


Policy Updates
Attendance Annex. June 2020 - COVID.pdf
Behaviour Annex. June 2020 - COVID.pdf
Continence and intimate care policy may PPE - COVID.pdf
Exclusion Policy June2020 - COVID 19.pdf
First Aid Policy June 20 - COVID 19.pdf
Managing Medicines June 20 - COVID 19.pdf
Safeguarding Policy - COVID 19.pdf
Vulnerable Children Policy - COVID 19.pdf


Glasshoughton Infant Academy is part of the Castleford Academy Trust. You can visit the other schools by clicking the relevant link below.

Contact Details

Mrs A Walker
Glasshoughton Infant Academy
WF10 4BH

Our Chair of Governors is Mr Phil Wagstaff. He can be contacted via the school.

For all enquiries please contact Mrs Nicola Raven-Dossey in the school office on:

01977 516343

Email addresses:

Please contact the school office if you require a paper copy of any information on the website

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)

Mrs Claire Wilson
Glasshoughton Infant Academy
Newfield Avenue
WF10 4BH
01977 516343