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Welcome to the Look what we’ve been doing section. Here, you will find galleries of photographs taken of our children and events taken place at Glasshoughton Infant Academy. More galleries will appear shortly, check back for regular updates!

Super Science

The children have been talking about the changing seasons and how the leaves have fallen from the trees because it is autumn. They have been using their knowledge of forces to push and pull the leaves with the sweeping brushes. 

Let’s Celebrate!

As part of our learning about Diwali. The children have listened to stories and talked about the Festival of Light. The children have been moulding and sculpting clay to create beautiful Diva Lamps to take home and share with their family. 

Diwali Celebrations

Year 1 celebrated the festival Diwali this week. They have made and evaluated onion bhajis, created freeze frames for the story of Rama and Sita and made diya lamps out of clay. We have been very busy.

Marvellous Markmaking!

We love to mark make outdoors! Every day the children in Nursery get to choose how they express themselves. They can select from a range of mark making materials including chalk, water, paint or pencils. The children are encouraged to talk about and describe the marks that they have made.  Learning like this helps us to develop our pencil control, our imagination and most importantly our communication skills! 

Year 1 had a visitor!

A rabbit came to visit Year 1 as part of our science learning. We were able to identify the features of a mammal.

Food Tasting!

This half term in Reception we have been looking at our 5 senses. As part of our learning we looked at our sense of taste. We tasted a range of different food including: chocolate, strawberry, lime, lemon and pineapple. We gave each of the different foods a 5 star rating based on how we thought they tasted!

Fine Motor Fun!

In Nursery we have been threading the ribbon through the willow. We have been developing our fine motor skills by carefully pushing and pulling the ribbon in and out. We have also been using lots of mathematical language like ‘up’ and ‘under’ and ‘behind’ and ‘ in front’. 

Our funky fingers!

We have been learning all about ourselves in Reception this half term. As part of our learning we discussed people who live in our houses and are part of our family. The children in Reception enjoyed using their playdough skills to create their family members out of playdough!

Super at Phonics!

Reception have been showing off their amazing phonics skills this half term by independently applying their learning in areas of provision. Look how amazing we are at matching initial sounds to pictures!

All About 5!

We have really enjoyed our maths learning this half term! In Reception the children have been exploring numbers 1-5. We have looked closely at each of the numbers over the half term. We have found objects, added counters to tens frames, touch counted and even had a go at forming the numbers correctly. We are super mathematicians!

Mini Medics

Mini medic session in Year 1. 

Being an artist in Year 1

Being an artist inspired by Monet. Developing our knowledge about paintings are created from the background to the foreground and using print to recreate our very own Waterlilies. 

PE in Year 1

Creating a sequence in PE with a start position, travelling, curling, exploding and then a finish position. 

As sports people, Year 1 have been practising their dribbling skills in football. They know how to dribble using the inside of their feet and stopping the ball using their foot

Physical Fun in Nursery!

The children enjoy using the bikes outside to help their physical development. They practice pushing their feet down to pedal and controlling their body to balance. The children take turns and share the bikes so that everybody can have a go.

We love to ‘Squiggle whilst we wiggle’ in Nursery!

We make large arm movements to music then replicate the same moves with our crayons on the floor. Look at our marvellous mark making!

Colour Mixing Magic! 

We made the most of the wet weather in Nursery. We added red, yellow and blue powder paints to the puddles. The children were amazed to see the new colours that we could make! 

Number Rhyme Time!

We love to sing number rhymes in Nursery. Now we can do this outside. We can use the props to help us sing the rhymes and act out the actions! 

The Colour Monster

This week we have been learning all about The Colour Monster in Reception. We began by reading the story together and exploring all the different feelings the colour monster experiences. Once we had shared our thoughts, we sorted our very own colour monster into our very own feelings jars. We talked about why we felt how we did.

Initial Sounds in the Phonics Area

The boys have been enjoying spending their choosing time in our phonics area this week. They have been showing off their phonics skills by matching initial sounds to their bingo boards. They used teamwork and perseverance to get the job done!

Let’s Mark Make!

We have been developing our fine motor skills within areas of provision this week to mark make. We used different coloured chalks and our chalkboard bench to create marks independently. Look at our concentration!

Let’s visit the Polling Station

This week Reception visited a polling station to vote for our new School Council members. We first listened to everyone’s manifestos before holding a secret vote and posting our voting slips into the golden post box. We discussed the importance of not telling anyone who we voted for and choosing the right person for the job – not just our friends!

The Number One

This week as part of their maths learning, Reception have been learning all about the number one. We looked at different ways to represent the number as a class before independently finding one object, adding one counter to a tens frame and having a go at writing the number one. We are amazing mathematicians!

Year 1 have been designers creating their own chair for the giant from Jack and the beanstalk. We had to make sure it was really strong! 

David Attenborough earned an attendance award this week. We had extra Lego time because we had 100% attendance all week!

Look at how much beans have grown over 3 weeks. We have been testing what the best environment for them to grow will be. We hope no giants will climb down our beanstalks.

Year 2 children wrote condolence letters to the Queen.

Martin Luther King voted for their school councillors!

Learning how to throw underarm in PE.

We have been designers. As a team ,we designed, made and evaluated a chair after the giant from our story broke one in our class. The children had to refer to a design brief and ensure their chair could hold Mrs Hepworth or Miss Mac.

As artists and historians we visited the GIA art gallery. We discussed our significant artist , Claude Monet’s work. We talked about our likes and dislikes and learnt some new vocabulary such as legacy, impressionist and art gallery.

Our New Provision

Wow! Take a look at our fabulous new Nursery provision. The children have thoroughly enjoyed playing and learning in their new classroom! 

Super Self Portraits!

The children in Nursery used their amazing art skills to paint a picture of themselves. They used lots of different colours for the different parts of their face. We know that you will think are just as AMAZING as we do! ✨

We are brave and can take risks!

The children in Nursery worked together to create an obstacle course. They carefully stacked the resources and balanced the planks on top. The children moved carefully around the equipment and put their arms out to steady themselves. Great teamwork Nursery! 

Making Friends!

The children in Nursery have settled in well and have really started to build friendships. They are learning to share and take turns and play together nicely. They are learning to be independent and make their own choices. Here are some children choosing where they want to learn and who they want to learn with! 

Amazing Artists!

The Nursery children have enjoyed using the outdoor easels and have been mixing their own colours for their pictures. Great brush control! 

Fabulous Fine Motor Skills!

The children have been developing their fine motor skills through a range of learning opportunities. Here they are practicing their cutting and snipping skills and developing their pencil control. Keep going – you can do it!  

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