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Trip to Hornsea with Year 1

Bugs N Stuff visited Reception

Sports Day at GIA!

Throwing the Javelin!

In Year 1 we have been practising how to throw a javelin. We know we need to throw upwards and forwards.

The Queen’s Jubilee!

This half term in Reception we celebrated The Queen’s Jubilee! We learnt all about the Queen and how long she has been on the throne. We explored London using Google Maps and we even had a Jubilee themed lunch too! As part of our celebrations we designed place mats and crowns to wear to our Jubilee party!

During our celebrations around The Queen’s Jubilee, the children in Reception were lucky to have a video call with a real author! Steve Anthony, author of The Queen’s Hat, showed us how to create illustrations of the Queen. We felt so inspired we applied our skills in our areas of provision. Can you spot the Queen and her corgis?

Fruity Kebabs!

As part of our learning all around Oliver’s Vegetables, the children in Reception have made their very own fruit kebabs! We began by tasting the fruit we would like to include on our kebab before designing what our kebab would look like. Once we had completed our design we carefully chopped and peeled the fruit to make our kebabs. The best part was eating our kebabs – they were super tasty!

We are Mathematicians

This week in our areas of provision we have been applying our maths learning to add spots to ladybirds! We know ladybirds like to have an equal amount of spots on each side of their body and that we can use our double facts to help us add spots. We used our dough skills to roll and shape the spots before adding them to the ladybird’s body.

We are artists!

This half term in Reception our topic is Mad About Minibeasts. We have loved using our observational skills to paint pictures of ladybirds. We had to be patient for the paint to dry before adding the spots. Look at our wonderful independent artwork!

Year 1 have been artists using oil pastels in the style of Georgia

Building CVC Words

We have really enjoyed exploring our phonics area this week and building CVC words independently. We had to segment and blend the word to check we had all the correct sounds before finding and joining them together. Look at our amazing work!

Coding Club at GIA!

This week we launched coding club. We began with tinkering time to explore how a BeeBot works before creating our own maps for our BeeBot to travel around. We had to use trial and error to navigate our BeeBot around our maps and we had to debug lots of times to get the coding just right! We loved it!

Visit of Drummers United

Drummers United visited Year 2! They learnt a traditional dance and song and how to play a traditional African beat on the drums.

Doubling Numbers!

This week in Reception we have been focusing on doubling numbers. We used dominos to help us. We first began by selecting an amount and adding spots to our domino. We then doubled the amount we had on our domino to create a double domino!

Printing with Vegetables!

Our learning in Reception this half term is all around the story of Oliver’s Vegetables. In our painting area this week we have been printing patterns using vegetables. We really enjoyed mixing our own colours and using the vegetables to make a pattern.

We are Writers!

We are handwriting superstars in Reception! This week we have been revisiting and reviewing all the different letter formations we have learnt so far as well as learning new ones. Take a look at our brilliant letter formation on the carpet with chalk!

Using Non Standard Measures

As part of our provision in Reception this week, we have been using non-standard measures to measure carrots. We had to make sure we measured them accurately by measuring from the beginning to the end of our carrots and counting the cubes carefully.

Tricky Word Superstars!

This week in Reception we have been working really hard to write our phase 2 and 3 tricky words! Look at our fantastic letter formation!


Year 1 had to plan, make and critique their own puppet. 


Year 1 had to use a map to locate the 3 seas that surround the UK. 

Lego Club

This week in Lego Club we were set the challenge to write our name using Lego. We rose to the challenge and created these brilliant end products! We are masters at Lego!


Children in nursery have been retrieving the names of the colours and using their tweezer skills to match the coloured pom pom to the correct coloured block. 

Nursery children have been using their fine motor skills to clean the mud off the dirty farm animals!

Keeping our bodies healthy

This week in Reception we explored ways in which we can keep our bodies healthy. We focused on what type of food we should eat on a regular basis and which types of food we should only have as a special treat. We sorted the food into healthy options (yellow hoop) and unhealthy options (red hoop). We even designed our own healthy lunchbox based on our understanding of healthy and unhealthy foods.

We are Artists!

In Reception this half term our learning is all around the story Oliver’s Vegetables. This week we have been using careful observation to paint fruit and vegetables. We used our self serve paint area to mix our own colours.

We are Marvellous Mathematicians!

This week in provision we have been focusing on doubling numbers. We have showed off our understanding of doubles by using concrete resources to help us solve double calculations. We are mathematic superstars!

Easter Egg Competition

This week the whole school took part in an Easter Egg Competition. Here are just some of the fantastic entries by Reception. We think they are egg-cellent!

We have some visitors!

As part of our learning all around The Little Red Hen, we have been very lucky to have some visitors come and stay with us in Reception. We received a special delivery of 10 eggs. We’ve waited patiently for them to hatch and we are loving having chicks in our classroom with us. We named one of our chicks Bingo as he was the first to hatch!

We are Designers!

This half term in Reception we have been researching and making our own bread. We made either white bread, brown bread, baguette or fruit loaf. Once we had made our bread we evaluated it based on how tasty it was! We thought out bread was 5 star quality!


Year 1 have been using concrete objects to multiply in maths. 


Year 1 have been learning about the history of coal mining. 

Developing skills

Year 1 have worked with a tennis coach to develop their skills. 

Stay & Play

Nursery enjoying their Stay & Play session

Year 2 had a lovely stay and play! Thank you to all the parents who attended.

David Walliams class visited Castleford Academy as part of British Science Week!

Eco Warriors

The eco warriors have just started their first mission! We are making sure the taps are turned off.

School Bake Off

School Councillors have been busy organising a school bake off, ready for the Queen’s Jubilee! 

We have been designers in Year 2

We have sliced, diced and grated to make a healthy sandwich. We then tested and evaluated sandwich packaging so that our sandwiches are compact and transportable. 

Special Visitor

David Walliams class we’re very lucky to have a special visitor in who created pictures with them using things from the seaside.

Shrove Tuesday

Creating an animated story

Creating an animated story using the app Shadow Puppets Edu. 

World Book Day

World Book Day- the Year 2s kindly read books to the rest of the school. 

Year 1 celebrating World Book Day. 

Season Sorting

This week as part of our provision Reception has been sorting pictures according to what is typical for the season. We sorted images that linked to Summer and not Summer.

We have been active learners

Look at all our amazing learning in Reception this week! We have been creating patterns using natural materials, mark making with glittery water, aiming at a target and completing number hunts around our playground. We are super busy!

Marvellous Mathematicians

This week in Reception we have been learning all about measures. We have explored longest, shortest and tallest. We created our own playdough which we then used to make snakes. We identified which was our longest snake, our shortest snake and we even used cubes to measure how long our longest snake was. Our winning snake measured 22 cubes!

Independent Name Writing

We have been showing off our name writing skills in Reception this week. Look at how super we are at writing our first AND last names!! Great job Reception!

Past and Present

This week we have been sorting images from the past and the present. We have discovered that just because a picture is black and white doesn’t mean that it is from the past. 

People who help us

As part of our PSHE and RE lessons we have been learning all about people who help us and their roles and responsibilities within the community. We had a visit from Mr Mulhern and Mrs Raven-Dossey who told us all about their roles and responsibilities as our Caretaker and Receptionist/PA to Headteacher.

A visit from Father Keith

Father Keith came to visit us to talk all about Lent. He came to talk to us about things we need and things we think we need. He made us think about if we really do need all the things we think we need. Do we need the biggest, do we need the best or do we just need enough?

British Science Week

Year 1 trip to the high school as part of British Science Week, investigating floating gardens.

Fact Families

Year 1 exploring fact families for our number bonds to 20. 

Creating Videos

We have been creating videos for Hansel and Gretel and then using the Doink app.

We have been videographers, teleprompters and speakers.

We are handwriting superstars!

This week we have been working hard on our letter formation! Look at these wonderful examples of teamwork and concentration as we practiced our letter formation!

We have been Superstar Writers!

Our learning this half term has been all around the book Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. We have been applying our learning in our areas of provision by writing super captions all about the story. Look at our amazing writing!

Reach for the Stars!

As part of Children’s Mental Health Week this week the whole of Reception learnt a dance to the song Reach For The Stars. The song taught us we should aim high and we can achieve anything we want to achieve.

We even filmed our dancing. You can watch it here:

Children’s Mental Health Week

The theme for this year’s Mental Health Week was “Growing and Changing”. As part of our learning we looked at how things change as they grow. We’ve planted our own bean seeds and we’re very excited to see how they grow over the next few weeks. We’re keeping track of them with a Bean Diary.

We have been working as a team during Mental Health Week. Team work is important!


Learning how to roll and coil clay.

Learning how to carve clay in Art.

Safer Internet Day 2022

This week we celebrated Safer Internet Day. We explored what is personal information and what things we should and should not share online. We sorted things we can share into the green hoop and things we should not share into the red hoop. Look at our wonderful working!

Creating our own avatar during Safer Internet Day.


As scientists, we had to dissect a daffodil. We identified the stem, roots, petals and leaves of a flower. 

Victorian Times

We have been learning what school would be like in the Victorian times. We could only speak if we stood up and had to use chalk to write.

NSPCC Number Day

We had lots of fun on NSPCC Number Day. We were putting out Maths knowledge to the test!


As historians, we have been hunting for facts outside about Queen Victoria. We have found out lots of information and are learning how to put these into a fact file.

Year 1 hunting for facts about Queen Victoria.

Chinese New Year

Our learning this week has been all around Chinese New Year! We have read the story The Great Race and ordered the positions the zodiac animals finished the race in. In our Maths lessons we have been looking at solving mental Maths questions using Chinese numbers and we even took part in dragon dancing! We had a superb time!

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Nursery by taking part in dragon dancing and cooking and tasting Chinese noodles. 

Colour Monster Story

We have been using colours to show our emotions, linked to the colour monster story. 

We love learning to Read!

We have been showing off our learning in Reception this week – especially in our writing area. We have been working really hard to add sound buttons to words. We’ve even started to spot digraphs in words too! We are Phonics Superstars!


We were very lucky to have D:Side to come in to KS1 to talk about internet safety with the children. We learnt about what the internet is useful for and the dangers of using the internet.


A visit from two reptiles in our Science work.


Following a recipe, weighing and measuring ingredients, baking and tasting new food each week in Nursery.


Year 2 loved learning how to play hockey! They learned various skills such as push, pass and strike.

Design Technology

Year 1 researching, designing, making and evaluating Jam Tarts in Design Technology.


Naming primary and secondary colours in Nursery and using paint to create splatter pictures in the style of Jackson Pollock.


In Year 2 our maths can get much trickier, but we always persevere. We have been learning how to divide.

Mini Medics

KS1 performing CPR

Lights, camera, action!

We love to use drama for English in Year 2. We use freeze-frames for all of our stories, can you guess which traditional tale these freeze-frames are showing?


Practicising drawing straight and curved lines in Nursery to create shape artwork in the style of Kandinsky.

Christmas Fair

We were very lucky to have a Christmas Fair in the hall. We won loads of prizes!

Our Trip to the Post Box!

This week we have been on our very first school trip! We went to the local post box to post our letters to Santa. We learnt all about the importance of a stamp and why they are needed to post letters. We’ve got our fingers crossed we get a reply from Santa.


Year 1 making a new slipper for Cinderella that had to be soft and comfortable as her glass slippers were hurting her feet.

Writing Letters to Santa!

We have been learning all about writing letters this half term in Reception and as part of our learning we have wrote our own letters to Santa. We used our phonics knowledge to write down three things we would like. We hope Santa gets our letter!

Making Christingle

Ahead of our Christingle service at the church we have been learning all about Christingles. We really enjoyed making our very own Christingles as part of our learning. We had to resist the temptation to eat the sweets!

Children in Need

Remembrance Day

This week we have been learning all about Remembrance Day. We learnt why we wear poppies and why they are important. As part of our learning we have been making poppies in Play-dough, collaging our own poppies, telling stories with poppy stick puppets and creating our own poppy pictures

Roald Dahl Sports Day

Father Keith Assembly

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Chinese New Year

The children were immersed in a week full of Chinese New Year learning. The had a go at writing using Chinese symbols, Learnt about the Chinese zodiac and how 2021 is the year of the OX. Some children researched what year they were born in. They also enjoyed making lanterns and ox masks.

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Making Baskets

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Safer Internet Day

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Year 1 Drawings

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Shoe Making

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Children In Need

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Maths Investigations

The children have explored numbers in detail from 1- 10. They have counted the number, developed their subitising skills, explored one more/less and used the part part whole model to understand the composition of the number.

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Photo 4
Photo 3
Photo 1
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Science Investigations

Here the children in reception are exploring water through a range of scientific experiments.

Photo 6
Photo 2
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Remembrance Day

The children learnt all about why we observe remembrance day. We held a silence and planted poppies in our own Flanders field.

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Baking Gingerbread Reindeers

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Christmas Walk

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Website Photography

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