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Designated Safeguarding Lead/Prevent Lead – Mrs A Walker

Deputy Safeguarding Lead – Mrs H Coulthurst

Deputy Safeguarding Lead – Mrs C Wilson

Deputy Safeguarding Lead – Mrs C Ellis

Safeguarding Governor – Miss K Law

Our pupils are continually taught and encouraged to live healthy lifestyles and adopt safe practices. Our safeguarding policies and practices help to ensure that they are safe, happy and healthy. School policies are in place to ensure that there is a consistent approach to practices throughout the school and that they are followed by staff, governors, volunteers and visitors. Adults have a tremendous impact on young children and with this in mind adults at Glasshoughton Infant Academy:-​

There are many policies in place to safeguard our children, including:


This is sensitive area in which all staff receive regular training. Glasshoughton Infant Academy and other services for children and families all work together to support the needs of children. There is also a named governor for safeguarding. The safeguarding policy is available on the school website.


Children’s attendance at school is monitored on a daily basis and notable absences or patterns of absences are followed up by the Family Mentor and in more serious cases the Education Welfare Officer. We operate a First Day response telephone checking procedure in the event of families not informing us of a reason for their child’s absence.


High standards of behaviour are expected in our school. Our Behaviour Policy sets out how we promote good behaviour and deal with any problems. Our children are often reminded about our school rules and they know that we have them in order for everyone to be happy and keep safe. Our Anti Bullying policy, Single Equality policy, Sex and Relationships and Send policy promote positive relationships and respect.

Health and Safety​​​​

Everyone at Glasshoughton Infant Academy know they have a responsibility to ensure children and adults are able to work in a healthy and safe environment. All staff are first-aiders and can deal with illnesses and accidents should they occur. Our Governor Health and Safety Team carry out inspections at least twice a year with the Headteacher and caretaker. Risk assessments are in place for all aspects of the schools work and learning environments. Ongoing monitoring of the school site, practices and procedures ensure this is a safe school for all.


Through the planned curriculum, we ensure that the issues of healthy eating, physical exercise and safety are taught. Our curriculum, ethos and aims is grounded in a strong recognition of the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of our pupils. We use a range of teaching materials and strategies including the SEALs and SEED materials for Personal, social and emotional development. These aspects are enhanced by themed weeks and many visitors to school eg police officers who talk to the children about issues such as road safety, safe people, bullying, disability and drugs awareness.


The aim of this guidance is to inform all staff of best practice around e-safety and draw attention to existing local and national guidance on this subject so that we can maintain the safest possible learning and working environments for children and staff alike. Our curriculum enables pupils to make informed decisions when using information technology and our User policies and leaflets provide parents/carers with up to date information on keeping their child safe.

Acceptable Use of ICT​

This policy states what is acceptable in terms of use of hardware, use of the internet and publishing content. It is intended for all ICT users at Glasshoughton Infant Academy: staff, children, governors etc. Acceptable use of ICT is defined as activities that provide children with appropriate learning experiences or that allow adults to enhance their own professional development.

Safer recruitment and selection

This aspect is taken very seriously. Governors and the school ensure that all staff new to the school and volunteers who work in school on a regular basis undertake a CRB check and full references are acquired before the person takes up post.​


Any complaints are taken seriously. We listen to all concerns and will follow them up with thorough investigations to seek clarification of the circumstances surrounding the problem. The school is committed to working closely with parents / carers for the benefit of the children – no problem is too small. There is a clear procedure in place; the class teachers are the first reference point and the Headteacher or any member of the Senior Leadership team will always be happy to meet with you and help resolve any issues. If you continue to feel an issue has not been resolved then you can contact our Governing Body. See Complaints policy.