Glasshoughton Infant Academy

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The school has achieved the Healthy Schools award, Activemark, Inclusion Now award, Basic Skills Quality Mark and is now a National Support School.


Investors in Pupils.

Well done everybody! We achieved the Investors In Pupils Award! The assessor was very impressed with the children at Glasshoughton Infant School. A big thank you to all the parents, staff, governors and most importantly – the children. What is Investors in Pupils?

Schools play an important role in supporting the health and wellbeing of children and young people.

The Healthy Schools toolkit is designed to help schools to ‘plan, do and review’ health and wellbeing improvements for their children and young people and to identify and select activities and interventions effectively. This approach will ensure schools put in place the most appropriate services and meet the needs of children and young people.​​

Sport England is focused on helping people and communities across the country create a sporting habit for life

Help more people have a sporting habit for life
Create more opportunities for young people to play sport
Nurture and develop talent
Provide the right facilities in the right places
Support local authorities and unlock local funding
Ensure real opportunities for communities​​

We have been awarded the Quality Mark from The Basic Skills Agency.The Primary Quality Mark 10 Elements are: –
 ​​A whole school strategy and planning to improve performance in basic skills
 An analysis of the assessment of pupil performance in basic skills
 Target setting for the improvement of the school’s performance in basic skills
 Basic skills improvement planning for pupils under-attaining and/or under-achieving
 Regular review of the progress made by pupils under-attaining and/or under-achieving in basic skills
 A commitment to improving the skills of staff to teach and extend basic skills
 The use of a range of teaching approaches and learning styles to improve basic skills
 The use of appropriate teaching and learning materials to improve basic skills
 The involvement of parents and carers in developing their child’s basic skills
 An effective procedure for monitoring planning and assessing improvement in performance in basic skills​​

Activemark and Activemark Gold is an accreditation scheme for the primary sector that recognises and rewards a school for its commitment to promoting the benefits of physical activity and offering good physical activity provision. The programme provides schools with a thorough auditing and development tool to help raise the standard of physical activity provision



Glasshoughton Infant Academy was described by the assessor as an “inspiring school where the common purpose, shared by staff and Governors who do their very best for every child, shines through in all aspects of school life.” Staff were recognised as dedicated, talented, caring and nurturing so that all children can achieve the very best. In further recognition of the inclusive ethos of our school the external moderator recommended we apply to become a Centre of Excellence and continue to build on our success.