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Governor Information 

As a governing body, all of the Governors of Glasshoughton Infant Academy are passionate about ensuring that the provision and education of each and every child is the best and stand by our school motto of:

‘Everyone deserves the best, Everyone deserves respect.’

Although we all have many other commitments including jobs, hobbies and families, we dedicate time to visit school regularly where we meet the children and staff, attend 6 meetings a year and are present at events to support the hard work of the staff, children and parents.

Please see below details of our current Governors, a little about us, our role as a Governor and, if needed, how we can be contacted.

Governors List​

Barbara Hughes 

Chair of Local Governing Body

Community Governor

Date of Appointment: 23.11.2020

Term of Office end date: 22.11.2024

I have been a Governor at GIA since 2016 and am currently Chair.  I am proud to be part of a forward thinking school, which has a committed and dynamic leadership and staff who strive to give pupils the best start in their education.

I am Glasshoughton born and bred and have long standing ties with the school.  I have worked with children and young people for most of my life, both in schools and in voluntary youth organisations.

I believe GIA provides a broad and rich curriculum evidenced by the vibrant environment in school and the successful outcomes of the children, who not only deserve the best start in life but also as many rich and varied opportunities as possible to prepare them for an enriched and fulfilling adulthood.

Anna Walker


Date of Appointment: 9.12.16

Other governance roles:

Governing Body of Castleford Park Junior Academy

Governing Body of Three Lane Ends Academy

I am headteacher at Glasshoughton Infant Academy where I began my teaching career in 2005. I am passionate about giving children the best possible start that I can, with a great belief that children only get one chance at school and therefore they deserve the chance to be the best they can be.

It is an honour to work with the Governing Body at Glasshoughton Infant Academy who are equally as passionate about providing the best opportunity for all of our children and the community in which they live. ​

Paul Phelps

Community Governor

Date of Appointment: 06.09.2021

Term of Office end date: 05.09.2025

The role of a school governor has changed so much over the years .

But the aims to provide the best education for our children has been the driving force . Planning the strategic direction of school while maintaining compliance with good educational standards. The continuous evaluation of pupil standards to ensure the school is challenging itself in delivering high standards of learning and life long skills. The compliance of our legal responsibilities and overseeing our financial performance is also another part of our role within the school, following best practices in order to direct towards pupil education.

These areas I see as part of my role and along with regular training I will continue to work with my fellow governors and school staff to continue in giving our pupils the best start possible.

Kevin Patrick

Community Governor

Date of Appointment: 06.09.2021

Term of Office end date: 05.09.2025

Other governance roles:

Governing Body of Castleford Park Junior Academy

My association with Glasshoughton First School goes back to my own childhood! I attended the old school on School Lane in Glasshoughton back in the sixties. Then my younger sister came to the new school when it first opened in the mid 1970’s, and my own daughter, Laura attended this school from nursery in 2004.

I enjoy being part of the school family and working in the community. I have been a governor since 2009. We are now part of the Castleford Multi Academy Trust and as governors we will maintain our individual strength as an outstanding school and continue to build a stronger and vibrant school community for the children of Castleford.

Claire Ellis 

Staff Governor

Date of Appointment: 21.01.2022

Term of Office end date: 20/01/2026

I am the Assistant Headteacher at Glasshoughton Infant Infant Academy. I began my career at the school in 2012 as a supply teacher. I quickly realised this was the school for me, sharing the passion all staff have for providing our children with the highest quality teaching and learning. I am fortunate in that I have had the opportunity to teach in every year group from nursery to year 2, providing me with a clear understanding of the beginning of our children’s learning journey and where we are aiming for them to get.

In my role I am responsible for whole school teaching and learning. I spend time coaching teachers in order to address their bespoke development areas and I work collaboratively with them to ensure they are the best teachers they can be for our children.

Kathryn Law

Vice Chair of Education & Standards Committee

Community Governor

Date of Appointment: 09.07.2020

Term of Office end date: 08.07.2024

 Other governance roles:

Governing Body of Castleford Park Junior Academy

I am Headteacher at Castleford Park Junior Academy and I am passionate about making sure the children of Castleford receive a worthwhile, inspiring education. As part of this commitment, I enjoy working with Glasshoughton Infant Academy to ensure this can happen right from the start of school life. Glasshoughton Infants School is a fantastic place of education that our Community is lucky to have.

I am really pleased to be able to support and help with making it an even better place to be!

Catherine Wilson

Chair of Education & Standards Committee

Community Governor

Date of Appointment: 06.09.2021

Term of Office end date: 05.09.2025

I firmly believe that an outstanding education in the early years paves the way for exceptional progression for children’s future.  As a parent of twins in year 1 of GIA and the Director of Science for the Castleford Academy Trust I am committed to driving improvement in all aspects of education to ensure all our young learners are the best prepared they can be for Junior school. With 15 years of teaching experience, I understand curriculum sequencing and how pupils learn.  I am up to date on current developments and initiatives in education.  As a parent I am dedicated to supporting the school in any way I can to guarantee that as a team we deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that is engaging, stimulating and offers the perfect opportunity for our young children to thrive.

Faye Pease 

Vice Chair of Local Governing Body

Community Governor

Date of Appointment: 12/10/2021

Term of Office end date: 13/10/2025

My objective as a Governor at Glasshoughton Infant Academy is to help all children to reach their potential by providing the best opportunities possible, and help the school to continue to provide Excellence in education.

As a governing body we strive to continuously improve the high quality standards of teaching and learning experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

Rebecca Newman

Parent Governor

Date of Appointment: 14.12.2020

Term of Office end date: 13.12.2024

I am Becky and a newly appointed Parent Governor. As well as starting my own school journey at Glasshoughton Infants, my two daughters also attend GIA and have progressed a great deal whilst being there. As well as being a mum, I am a qualified teacher and have since studied a Master’s Degree in Autism and Education. I am delighted to be a Governor and part of such a lovely school. I look forward to supporting the school, in helping to provide the children with an inclusive education, a variety of experiences and positive well-being.

Lisa Nurse

Parent Governor

Date of Appointment: 26.10.2022

Term of Office end date: 25.10.2026

My name is Lisa and I have been appointed as a parent governor for 2022. My son has just started his school journey in reception this year at GIA and I am eager to see where his education takes him.  

As part of my role, I hope to assist in making the school and community a better place for him, his classmates and all the children that will attend GIA in the future. 

I am a qualified chartered lawyer by occupation. I still practice law myself, as well as managing and mentoring a team of trainee lawyers through their legal qualifications and practical experience.  I hope to bring transferable skills to assist the school in reaching their aims and objectives.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or any comments you would like to raise or share with the Governing Body they can be put in writing and addressed to:

The Governing Body
Glasshoughton Infant Academy
Newfield Avenue
WF10 4BH

Alternatively you can send an email to:
This will then be passed on to the Governing Body, which they will deal with at their earliest convenience.

If you are interested in how to become a school governor and would like more information, please click here