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The clear strands which make up the definition of British Values are set out below.

At Glasshoughton Infant Academy the values above are taught throughout our curriculum and are threaded through every lesson that we teach.

Glasshoughton Infant Academy strive to promote British Values by providing opportunities which will enable our pupils to:


At Glasshoughton Infant Academy we really value pupil voice and aim to ensure that children are able to have their say on their school experience. At the beginning of every academic year children are able to nominate themselves to become a school councillor for their class. This involves writing a manifesto and presenting this to their class. Children in their class will then vote for who they think should be elected as the school councillor to represent their class.

Children vote anonymously by completing a voting slip. School councillors are then given opportunities to make important decisions during meetings, such as how to spend school money. Children across school are given further opportunities to vote and have their say around which clubs they would like to be running and what prizes they would like to receive for attendance awards and achieving class targets.

Individual Liberty

In lessons, children are encouraged to join in and feel free to express their opinion. They are always taught to listen to the opinions of others and respond appropriately to these. Children are encouraged to make good choices and understand that it is their right to receive an effective education in an environment where they feel safe. Children are taught that everyone is unique and that others may have different thoughts and opinions to themselves.

The rule of Law

Children will encounter rules and “laws” throughout their daily lives at school. Children work as a team to set their own class rules and are aware of the whole school rules in place. Rules are constantly reinforced both inside the classroom and around school and children are expected to follow this. Positive praise is used consistently by adults in school to recognise children who are following the rules. Rules are also referred to as reminders if children are not following them. Children understand why rules are important and what they need to do in order to follow them. During circle times children contribute to the rules and are reminded of these at the beginning of every session.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

Respect is a core value at Glasshoughton Infant Academy. Children are taught to treat everyone they encounter with respect; including peers, staff, visitors, parents and members of the local community. Children are taught what it means to ‘show respect’ and how this would look in different situations.

Children understand their place in a culturally diverse society through many opportunities, including assemblies, the PSHE curriculum and the RE curriculum. Children learn about people from different cultures with different religious beliefs. Children learn about the traditions and celebrations.