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At Glasshoughton Infant Academy we want all of our parents to be fully informed about their child’s learning during their educational journey with us. As a school we are very privileged to be the start of your child’s educational journey and by working together we will create learners who are eager, excited, resilient, independent and able to communicate their learning effectively.

Please see below for your child’s learning for this term. You will find the:

Parent Newsletter:

This details the learning for all subject areas for the term ahead. This will support you in understanding the expectations for learning, the vocabulary we will be using and expecting the children to use and the key ‘sticky knowledge’ for the term ahead.

Homework Challenge Card:

This details the English, Mathematics and wider curriculum areas home learning that can be completed. We expect at least one piece from each line and then one other within the term. Home learning can be brought to school or shared with Class teachers using Class Dojo

Medium Term Planning

This is a grid that shows the learning for all subjects for all terms. This will give you as parents an understanding of what the children will be learning week by week in all subject areas.

Nursery Learning

Reception Learning

Year 1 Learning

Year 2 Learning